One Whole Month!

The self-care journey so far

The Accidental Monster


Image by IqbalStock on Pixabay

Would you look at the time — I can’t quite believe it’s been an entire month since this self-care journey began.(1) It seems like only yesterday that I was lamenting years passed and worrying about what the future would bring. Without a self-care focus, the future seemed bleak; I’m not in the greatest shape at 40. Imagining what 50, 60, or beyond will look like was just depressing.(2)

And so, the journey began.

The first step I took included helpful information from Dr. Tara Swart, an expert neuroscientist.(3) She discussed important habits for brain health, and really general health overall. And so we set off to use her wisdom in our own lives.

At least, until it became apparent that I missed something crucial. Something that came before the first step, that acted as a foundation for every habit hereafter.(4)

Immediately, I felt the whole game change after that. Self-care level up!

Getting The Hang Of Things

Even from the start, I’ve always known my methods aren’t for everyone — and, frankly, every method I come across is likely to need changing at some point.(5) But the foundation of our self-care journey here set me up for exploration and sharing. While in the past I had always done research and tried new things, sharing my journey with others is new.


To include more people in the journey, I started releasing one free post each week.(6) The “paid” articles are intended to encourage people to contact me through, but people need to see something to be interested in seeing more. I’m still working on that aspect — self-care is more important than marketing! But maybe I’ll get better at both over time. 🤞

Settling In

In writing regularly each week, I’ve found myself drawn to many resources with interesting concepts — such as the neuroscientist that basically suggested giving up on goals to increase motivation.(7) Never would have seen that one coming! Still, content creation seems designed for self-care, allowing bursts of productivity to stretch out into scheduled posts so everyone thinks we’re consistent.