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Some ideas sound a lot better on paper than in reality, don’t they? We start every new project with bright eyes and a head full of hope — as it should be! However, there’s almost always a thing or two we didn’t factor in from the start. When that happens, it’s good to get outside opinions!

Season 2 of The Hidden Egg podcast was all about reacting to videos, and we eventually settled on the anime, Erased. Eight episodes of that later, we’ve still got four left. And, to be honest, we’re not sure we want to stick it out for another four weeks to finish up if no one’s listening.

We Want Your Input!

If you were listening along, you might feel a little put out if we just don’t finish the series. Of course, if you weren’t, then you might be relieved that we’re ready to move on. In the most recent episode, we brought up a few suggestions for how we might handle closing out season two (yup, we’ll basically be doing two different seasons overlapping for a bit).

Those choices appear in the chapter ‘Erased Choices’ at 8:35–17:58:

Also on Spotify (but without chapters):

Or on YouTube:

What are your thoughts?

Are you interested in the ending? Is it time to move forward and let go? Is there an option we haven’t considered? Leave a comment with your opinions below!

Feel free to weigh in on anything else you think of regarding our new direction — we’re excited to talk about things again, and love hearing what you like listening to. 🤗

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Until next time, follow yourself, always!

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